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Matt Emulsion Paint for Walls and Ceilings at I Love Borders

Matt Emulsion

Why choose a Matt finish for your walls and ceilings? Matt is a great choice for disguising surface imperfections on your walls and ceilings. If you've got minor scrapes or scuffs? These should be covered with a good couple of coats of Johnstone's Matt Emulsion Paint.

Matt emulsion offers a good, solid and strong depth of colour, it is often the finish of choice for heritage and high fashion paint brands as it gives excellent saturation and representation of the colour.

What is a Matt finish?

Vinyl Matt offers you a low reflection and chalk-like finish for your walls and ceilings.

How many coats of paint will I need?

You should apply two coats onto a previously painted wall to get an even coverage of paint and colour. Extreme colour changes will require additional coats.

Does Matt Emulsion contain vinyl?

Yes, our Johnstone's Emulsion paints contain equal levels of vinyl, often referred to as Vinyl Matt this paint is one and the same. This allows the surfaced to be wiped/cleaned in a gentle manner using a diluted soapy water mixture (water soluble stains/splashes only).

Do I need to prepare my walls in a different way to use Matt Emulsion?

If your walls have previously been painted in a Vinyl Matt finish? Then, no. Simply fill any holes, rake out and fill any cracks with an all purpose filler and allow to dry. Sand down any rough patches from filling or elsewhere that you can see, wipe away any dust left on the wall from sanding with a damp cloth and allow any dampness to dry. Then you are ready to paint!

If your walls have previously been painted in Vinyl Silk or Vinyl Soft Sheen Emulsion paint? You will need to lightly sand each wall to reduce the level of sheen before applying a new top coat of Matt Emulsion. You should still repair any holes/cracks or rough patches as advised above.

If your walls are bare and untouched by paint? You can thin the emulsion by 10% for a base coat and then proceed with two coats as a top coat. If any surface blemishes are apparent after you have applied the base coat, repair them accordingly as above.

Can I use Matt Emulsion on both Walls and Ceilings?

Yes, the low reflectivity of a Matt Emulsion absorbs light offering a gentle dispersion of illumination from your lighting, ideal for a ceiling.

Johnstone's Sheen Levels Explained

The term Sheen Level refers to the glossiness of the paint finish. Colours can differ in appearance depending on their sheen level. For every Johnstone's wall emulsion or interior wood paint, you can identify its sheen level by using our numerical scale.

Low = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 = High

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